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Why Groom Portraits are important!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

We all know that most of the time the focus tends to be on the bride on a wedding day, right?

I know for some Grooms, having photos of themselves may not be a big deal but that is far from the truth.

Getting portraits of the Groom IS a big deal!

Just as much as we photograph the bride, the same amount of focus should be put on the groom.

Think about it, in a wedding day there are two people getting married, not just one

As a photographer who likes to tell a story of your wedding day, it wouldn't be right to just put the main focus on only one person.

I know that as far as my clients, the Grooms usually want photos of themselves and I'm always game for it!

I know how much time and effort they have invested into their attire, their details and all, it's only right that we give them the attention they deserve.

Not only are portraits of the Groom important for himself but I'm sure the Bride and his Parents will be happy they have these photos of him too!

For a bride, these are photos for her to look back on of her husband and to show to their future children.

For a parents of the Groom, they are photos of their handsome son.

Remember, it's not just a father giving away his daughter on this day but also a mother letting go of her son and allowing him to be the man she raised him to be.

Whether some people believe it or not, GROOM PORTRAITS ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT and SHOULD BE A PRIORITY!

Don't skip on these important moments, gentlemen!

You'll be happy you have these!

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