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Should I have a destination wedding?

Within the past few years, Destination Weddings have become the "IT" thing and what more and more couples are choosing to do more of.


I LOVE IT DOWN TO MY SOUL! So when you mention destination wedding to me, my heart explodes with happiness!

There are many reasons as to why more and more couples are opting out of traditional weddings and choosing to do DESTINATION.

Some reasons may be because they are travelers, adventurers, wanting something small, crave an exotic experience, are looking to save a bit of money, etc.

The list goes on but you should know, just as there are amazing benefits with having a destination wedding, along it comes with some downfalls

Here are some of the perks of a destination wedding:

  • Location: What's not to love about an exotic wedding location, am I right? Stunning views, tropical or crisp cool climates, serene surroundings! Sounds like heaven, right? This is the #1 reason to have a destination wedding! The location is everything! Who wouldn't want to get married in such beauty, right?

  • Honeymoon: With this advantage right at hand, there is no need to plan for it because you are already there. WIN WIN!

  • Smaller guest list: Not only are you able to just worry about a smaller head count and fewer people, you are able to share this moment with only the people who matter the most to you. This makes destination weddings more personal and worth having.

  • Cheaper wedding attire: Destination weddings tend to be more of a casual/semi formal event which makes for less money needed to be spent.

  • More intimate settings: You're able to enjoy a more romantic setting and actually take everything in with your partner. Not to say a traditional wedding can't have the same feels but there is just something about being in a gorgeous place that really ups the mood of it all. Don't believe me, try it!

  • Stress free: Now this one is huge! If you are not into all of the details that comes with a wedding and love to stay as stress-free as possible then this the way to go for you! Destinations tend to have less stress associated with it because less is involved with planning. No bells and whistles, just you, your partner, and a beautiful view!

  • Fewer need for decor: With Destination weddings, there is hardly a need for a lot of decor. With so much beautiful natural decor around you, why need to spend unnecessary money?

  • Cost: Naturally with smaller weddings, fewer vendors, and less materialistic things, the cost of a destination wedding usually serves less than a traditional wedding.. unless you still plan to go all out then all power to you!

..and unfortunately, here are the cons that come along:

  • Upset family: Chances are because you have chosen to travel somewhere to get married, you are going to have those family members who will probably not approve leaving some upset and feelings hurt. Remember though, it's YOUR day and what YOU want! Go ahead and go for it if you want!

  • Fewer people able to attend: Keep in mind that when planning a destination wedding you have a chance of fewer people being able to attend. Whether the issues are financial, kids, or scheduling, be aware that not everyone you want to attend will be able to

  • Not legal: Make sure that when choosing a destination for your wedding that your marriage will be legal wherever you choose. There is nothing worse than traveling to a beautiful place and finding out later that you are not legally married. Yikes! Oh and make sure you have your marriage license ready

  • Weather issues: Because destination weddings are usually held at a gorgeous place, they are more than likely to be held outside which means problems arise with weather elements. When planning, make sure you do your research ahead of time and find out whether the date and time you have picked will be the right time to have your wedding when it comes to the seasons and climate

  • Honeymoon interruptions: With the pros of already being at your honeymoon location, the downfall to this would be a possibility of your wedding guets being with you more than you've expected or want. If you don't mind having family and friends along with you on your honeymoon, then there is no issue here. However, if you and your spouse are people who crave alone time especially during this romantic time, be aware that there may be some interruptions throughout.

  • All inclusive Vendors: While you think all inclusive vendors is a great thing (sometimes it is), there can be some drawbacks of this. The main cons are you probably won't be able to choose your own vendors and will probably have little input when it comes to wedding planning. Not to mention, you probably won't even have the opportunity to meet your vendors beforehand so keep this in mind and have good communication with whoever will be coordinating your wedding.. if you have anyone at all.

So as I said, there are many perks as well as negative things that come into play when having a Destination Wedding but in the end, it's all up to you and what you want. My advice is talk it over with your partner and weigh all of the good and the bad. It just may be the thing for you!

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