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Should I do a "First Look" on my wedding day?

Today, more and more couples are choosing to opt out of tradition all together for their weddings.

This is music to my ears because I've never been big on the whole tradition thing so I scream like a kid in a candy store whenever my clients tell me they are choosing to do their wedding their own way.

Yes, I get that excited!!

Now, I'm not saying that tradition is bad because it's not. It's really your own personal preference.

If you don't know what a first look is, I'm about to explain..

A "first look" is where the bride and groom share an intimate moment together by seeing each other for the first time that day.

This usually occurs before the ceremony and allows the bride and groom to take in all of the emotions of the day with one another without anyone around.

Whether you choose to stick to tradition or you want to try something new for your wedding, my advice is

To go for the first look!

Here are the reasons why 👇🏼


This by far is the most important thing! Traditionally, the first time a bride and groom are able to see one another is at the altar. There is minimal to no talking done there. After your ceremony, it's picture time then you head on into your reception where tons of wedding guests are coming at you from every direction. If you really think about it, when will you have time for one another? Isn't this day about you and your spouse? Why wouldn't you spend some alone time with that person? A "first look" may be your only time with one another because of your busy timeline. Make it a priority!


There are so many emotions that come with a wedding day that it becomes easy to get caught up with every feeling. Whenever I ask my brides how they're doing, the answer I usually tend to get is "I'm so nervous!". Seeing the love of your life can help calm those nerves down. Not saying you still won't be nervous after seeing one another but the thought of being able to see and hug one another before hand will definitely help fade away those wedding day emotions.


Now, I'm not talking about the kind of surprise where you jump out and scare your partner lol. I'm talking about surprising one another with each of your reactions. Here is where you'll be able to express every emotion to one another and let the other know exactly how you're feeling without interruptions or tons of eyes staring at you. In this moment, you're able to laugh, smile, cry, and take everything in. It's honestly such a beautiful moment! You really don't know what you're missing until you try it.


One of the benefits to this is being able to knock out those family portraits before your ceremony. Since you've already seen one another, it's a huge WIN for everyone! No need to spend a lot of time after the ceremony gathering everyone up for photos because you already got that out of the way and can move on to the rest of the festivities of your day. This definitely makes thing easier for you, your guests, and your photographer/videographer.


Exactly how it should be! More photos of you and your spouse together! This is one of the best things! In wedding timeline's, there is a lot going on that sometimes it only leaves a little bit of time for couples portraits. That is a big no no in my eyes because if anything, the one thing you should make time for is your couples portraits! These are the first photos you have as husband and wife so it's crucial that you get it done. Having a first look can get you more photos with one another if you plan it correctly. My advice is to speak with your photographer to help you incorporate this. You'll thank me later!


Who doesn't like the sound of this? Being able to spend more time and mingle with family and friends who have come to celebrate with you! I know it's high on everyone's list so why not give yourself more time to do so? Trust me, your family and friends will be happy they get to spend more time with you!

Once again, my advice is do the first look, ladies and gentlemen! Trust me, it's worth it and it will save you so much time and give you that guaranteed alone time which you deserve to have because it's your wedding day and it's all about you and your spouse!

Even if you decide to stick to tradition, think of it as a bonus! Trust me, you'll be happy you did it once things are said and done!

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