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How to prepare for detail shots on your wedding day!

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

You know those beautiful wedding detail shots that you see many photographers create?

What you probably don't know is all of the work and creativeness that goes into those shots.

Photographing your details happens to be my JAM and what I love spending time being able to do (other than being with you on your wedding day, of course).

It's important that you know your details are a huge part of your day as they help bring your story together

As a photographer, I love to be able to get into my own creative mind and style your details in a way that not only shows off their beauty but turns them into timeless pieces of art for you to gaze upon time and time again every time you reminisce..

On your wedding day, I always like to bring all sorts of ribbons, florals, etc to help accent the beautiful Heirlooms you have chosen to incorporate into your wedding.

Not really sure on how to prepare for your detail shots? Not to worry!

Below, I have listed a few tips as well as a list of ideas to bring for your detail shots to help you not forget anything.

Let's begin with what to bring for your detail shots:

For the Bride:

-Invitation Suite (rsvp cards, reception invite, etc)

-Rings (both bride and grooms if possible)







-Bouquets/Bouquet Charm




-Custom Dress Hanger (if you have one)

For the Groom:

-Suit/Tux/Wedding Attire








-Suit Charm (optional)

-Custom Suit Hanger

If you don't have some of these things, that is quite alright. No need to go out and buy extra things, just bring whatever suits you and what you would want to have photographed.

Now that we have the list and you have a general idea, we can move onto how to store these items and when so you don't forget them on your wedding day

The advice I always give to my couples is this:

•Write a list of everything you want included in your photographs ahead of time


•Gather all of these items up and place them into a bag

•Place the bag nearby the front door if traveling to get ready or with the rest of your wedding items so you have a better chance of remembering to bring these items

Bonus: Ask your florist if they can save any scraps that they would be tossing away for your photographer. Being supplied with extras helps tie in your florals to your detail shots with a cohesive look.

It's really that simple, honestly. Being organized will have you stressing less knowing that you haven't left anything behind.

Now that you have all of your wedding belongings together, they are all set and ready to go for me to begin photographing their beauty!

Easy, right?!

Happy Wedding Planning, ladies and gentlemen!

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