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How to have an Unplugged Wedding

Okay ladies and gentlemen, let's talk about this for a minute.

This topic is VERY IMPORTANT for me.

If you don't know what an Unplugged Ceremony/Wedding is, let me clue you in.

Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony and the bride is making her grand entrance. This is the moment everybody has been waiting for and what the bride has been dreaming about. She slowly begins to walk down the aisle gazing at her handsome Groom at the other end. It's a majestic moment for everyone to witness but you can't see all of that because there is one BIG distraction that is happening around you.

What could that distraction be, you may wonder?

I'll tell you!

It's a phone.. or a big ipad.. or some sort of electronic device.

That's right, they're everywhere throughout the entire wedding... to the left, to the right, even in front of you, blocking your view or in your line of sight.

Kind of annoying, right?

Yeah, I know!

To some, this is not a huge deal but if your photographer is anything like me, it's probably on their "not to do during a wedding" list.

From a photographer's POV, there is nothing worse than having a big electronic device in your shot.



A beautiful image and a magical moment ruined because guests decided to be on their phones instead of being present in the moment with the couple.

So back to what UNPLUGGED CEREMONY/WEDDINGS ARE.. These are weddings where the bride and groom have specifically requested that all mobile phones and electronic devices be put away for the ceremony and/or the entire wedding so everyone can enjoy and be in the moment with them.

If you decide that you are okay with your guests having them out, it's completely up to you, it's your wedding.. but if you are opposed to it, here are some ways you can help minimize or eliminate this issue:

• Put a sign out asking your guests to put their phones and enjoy the wedding with you. This sign can be posted outside of the venue, inside the venue, posted on the door, or even at the entrance of your ceremony location.

• Ask your Officiant/DJ to announce for everyone to put their phones away before the ceremony begins.

• Give your guests a 2-5 minute time frame to where everyone can bust their phones out and take as many pictures as they want so they can get the shot they want then completely put their phones away. One way this can be done is to make an announcement somewhere in the middle of the ceremony or right after a big moment has happened. This way, your wedding guests get the picture they want and then you can continue with your wedding ceremony without any distractions present.

These are some ways my couples have done their weddings and in my opinion, their photos have come out 100x better because of it.

Feel free to try one of these ideas out at your wedding if you don'twant this happening and so your photographer can capture all of the beauty of the day!

With that being said..

Are you currently planning your wedding and are in need of a photographer to capture your memories? Contact me so we can discuss your wedding by clicking on the contact button below.

Can't wait to meet you!

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