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How to handle the heat for your summer wedding

We have reached spring, guys.

Which means warmer weather is upon us.

Who has missed the sun? I know I have

This also means that Summer Weddings are about to surface again! Horray!!

Summer Weddings are absolutely beautiful and one of the most popular times to get married (Hello sunshine!)

Although sunny days can bring beautiful weather

Another thing that comes with summer is SWEATING and not quite something we tend to rave about, am I right?

Sweating can be a big problem especially on your wedding day.

Many wedding dresses and suits have multiple layers of clothing making it very easy for body heat to get trapped underneath. Yikes!! 😬

If you're planning a wedding in the summer, make sure you are well prepared for the heat.

Plan ahead and make sure to squeeze in some time for a cool down.

Here are some essentials that can help you handle the heat on your wedding day:

➡ Mini Handheld Mist Fans

➡ Handkerchiefs to dab sweat

➡ Blotting Paper

➡ Hair Ties

➡ Deodorant

➡ Drinking Water

➡ Sunscreen if you burn easily.

(Those rays are no joke)

Summer weddings can be a beautiful thing as long as you're prepared and comfortable. Plan accordingly, you will thank yourself

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