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How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer?

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Well, I'm glad you asked!

in the end when it comes to your favorite vendors being available to you. Here's why..

With so many possible reasons, one of the most common reasons why vendors are unavailable for your selected date is because they are already booked with someone else.

Bummer, I know..

Now, you are forced to search for others that are hopefully able to accommodate you.. and for some of you the clock is ticking. This issue can leave couples not only stressed but entirely frustrated and wondering why it's happening to them? The solution though is pretty simple and a complete easy fix.

The issue here comes from WAITING.

Waiting = Wedding Stress = Desperation = Possible Unhappy Bride & Groom!

Honestly guys, I hate when I have to tell people that I'm already booked for their date or that I'm unavailable. As much as I want to help serve everyone, there's just no way I can make myself available to everyone but that is why I'm here to help.

So here it is..

"The sooner, the better" is my motto when it comes to booking your wedding photographer. Not only are you likely to have first pick but it leads to happiness knowing you got who you wanted to be a part of your day.

Some resources like The Knot or Weddingwire suggest about 6 months away from your wedding date is the perfect time to book your wedding photographer. In my opinion, that is cutting it close especially because photographers are usually one of the first ones to get booked by couples.

My preferred time frame for booking your wedding photographer is about

12-18 months or sooner prior to your wedding date

That's right! Booking your wedding photographer is the 2nd most important vendor to check off your list. (Other than your wedding venue being number one)

Why? Because your wedding photos are the forever memories you will have after your day is done. You don't want to risk not having your favorite professional capture those timeless moments 👇🏼

My advice is.. whether you have a favorite photographer in mind or you're in search of one, don't let them be one of the last vendors you hire. Chances are they will be unavailable, leaving you stressed, frustrated, and regretful.

Good luck with the planning!



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