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Corpus Christi Photo Locations

Corpus Christi Locals, listen up!

A question I get asked a lot is about outdoor locations for photo sessions.

Let me just say this, Corpus is filled with a lot of beautiful scenery and places around town.

There's no doubt that a lot of these are popular areas and have probably been photographed tons over the years

but before you start to think of this as boring and unoriginal, let me explain something.

Each photographer is unique in their own style and the way they see things just as the people in the photographs are. So, it really doesn't matter how many times a location has been photographed.

If this is your first time ever doing a photo session or you need help with location options, this blog post is for you.

Listed below are some of my favorite spots around Corpus to take clients to for their photo ops.

Corpus Christi Photo Locations

1. Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve

A mixture of Texas woodlands and country vibes. This location is filled with miles of trails before leading the way to a pier overlooking Oso Bay. Along the way you will find yourself in the midst of beautiful South Texas scenery and wildlife.

2. Hans & Pat Suter Refuge

Such a very popular place for photos in Corpus Christi but the downfall is it can get crowded especially at some of the most popular hours to take photos (mornings & evenings). This location offers more of that South Texas scenery of brush and trees and is home to many different species of birds.

3. Hazel Bazemore County Park

Located in Calallen. I absolutely love this location! This park has many unique little spots around it, filled with long trail walks and forest like vibes. The boardwalk located here is surrounded by beautiful tall Moss Trees and the Nueces River. A very picturesque location home to many species of wildlife

Photo credit: internet

4. Downtown Corpus

The gem of the city. If you live in Corpus or have visited our beautiful city, then you know this location well. With the water and the marina, many photo opportunities are located here. Definitely a favorite go-to if you are looking for a relaxing time.

5. Heritage Park

Beautiful historical backgrounds that feature a rose garden, historical homes, and an ancient clock. This location happens to be another gem in Corpus Christi. Since Heritage Park isn't a very big place, I usually like to take my clients on a little walk down the road to our history museum where we can continue to a cute area filled with botanicals that make a beautiful background.

6. South Texas Botanical Gardens

Just what the name says. Beautiful flowers, botanicals, and nature surround this place. If you're one who's into florals and botanicals, then this is your place.

7. Cinnamon Shore, The Island

For all of my beach lovers. About a 30-45 min. drive from downtown Corpus, Cinnamon shore is the cutest little community in Port Aransas. If you're a beach town lover, this place is perfect for you! Surrounded by palm trees and beach houses you are also able to take a stroll on the boardwalk right down to the beach. Cinnamon Shore is always top on my list when it comes to summer fun or fun in general!

8. West Guth

West guth is a beautiful place especially around sunset. Golden hour cascades over the beautiful hilltops of this park that give beautifullighting around sunrise and sunset. Also located in the back of this park happens to be a cute little duck pond that makes as a gorgeous backdrop for photos.

So there you have it, my top photo session locations around Corpus Christi! If you need a photographer and have found a spot you like or have one in mind I didnt mention, let's chat below 👇🏼

Let's Chat, y'all!

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