The Simple things

Some people have labeled me as a young girl with an old soul and I believe that to be true. Often, you can find me having a glass of wine or enjoying a cup of coffee and just loving life. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ME IS MY FAMILY & CLOSEST FRIENDS! I'M A HUGE FAMILY GIRL AND NO MATTER WHAT, THEY COME FIRST BEFORE ANYONE OR ANYTHING! OTHER THAN MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS.. LISTENING TO OLD & NEW MUSIC, OLD ARCHITECTUREDECOR WITH CHARACTER, TAKING PHOTOS (obviously), and TRAVELING are some of my favorite things to do! There are so many things about myself that I would love to sit down and tell you but it would take me all day long. Whatever the case, I fall in love with what connects to my soul. Sometimes while I'm working photographing a fabulous event/photoshoot or I'm spending quality time with my loved ones, I try my best to always find the beauty in every little thing and capture the details that are most often overlooked. Here you will find what I like to call, "The Simple Things". a collection of all the beautiful things that I have photographed overtime that sum up exactly who I am and the places I have been. Visiting this section gives you a little insight into who I am and everything that I love. So go ahead, grab a glass of your favorite wine or pour yourself a cup of coffee and take a glance into my beautiful mind. 


P.s. As the days go by, I will be posting new content to this section so I encourage you to check back regularly and enjoy your time here!