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What no one tells you when planning a wedding

Updated: May 3, 2023

When planning a wedding there are a lot of things people tell you


there are many things they don't tell you.

Here is some advice you may not have heard and maybe should know about.

Summer weddings

Let's talk about this, ladies and gentlemen, summer weddings are absolutely beautiful and one of the most popular times to get married (hello wedding season!). Although sunny days and beautiful weather come with summertime, there is one other thing that comes too. SWEATING..YIKES! Sweating can be a big problem especially on your wedding day. Many wedding dresses and suits have multiple layers of clothing making it very easy for body heat to get trapped underneath. If you're planning a wedding in the summer, plan some time for a cool down. Mini handheld mist fans and handkerchiefs can help too! Just a suggestion

Set aside enough time for hair & makeup

This is where I see a lot of issues occurring on wedding days. Brides feel it is necessary to wait about an hour or so until their ceremony begins to have their hair & makeup done. To some extent, it may work but not necessarily always. I have had brides be more than an hour late to their ceremony because of this issue and this caused other issues throughout the day. When booking your Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, they will discuss your wedding with you and give a timeframe as to how long it will take for hair & makeup to be done. Some may say an hour, others may say something different, it really just depends on the artist but please keep this in mind.. the timeframe that is given could be per person so be sure to ask questions and get crystal clear so your MUA & Hair Stylist can inform you of the proper steps to take.

Example: If you have 5 in your bridal party plus yourself and mom, beginning hair and makeup later on in the day is probably not the way to go. Also, be sure to communicate this with your photographer for their advice just in case you planned for photos before the ceremony.

Set aside enough time for your wedding portraits

I probably sound like a broken record but I can't stress this enough. Often times, I see bride and grooms skipping out on one of the most important parts of their day, THEIR WEDDING PORTRAITS TOGETHER. Having photos of you and your spouse on this day are super important so


The worse thing that can happen is you get your wedding photos back and realize you only have a couple of photos together because you didn't plan it out correctly. This is why communication is KEY, guys! Talk with your photographer to help you with planning your portraits into your timeline.

Do an engagement shoot with your photographer

While you don't necessarily have to do an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer, my advice would be to leave the idea open as an option. Speaking from a photographer's p-o-v, it's very beneficial to both the client and photographer to be able to work with one another before the wedding. Not only does your photographer learn more about you and vice versa but it also gives you an idea of how they work and how photo taking will be on your wedding day. This is one of the best ways to get comfortable being in front of the camera so you're relaxed and ready to go on your wedding day.


Brides, this is also a great opportunity to have your hair & makeup trial done! SCORE! You get to see how your hair and makeup will be done for your wedding day and you get some amazing photos of you and your fiancé in the process!

Killing two birds with one stone! HEYYY!

Church rules

Church rules are very important when it comes to weddings especially catholic weddings. Most have strict rules and don't allow for certain things, the main one being photography. If you're having a church wedding, make sure you have good communication with the church and your photographer so everyone has a clear understanding of the rules and what is acceptable. We always want to respect all aspects of God's house.

Minimal bride & groom interaction

Typically if you're all about tradition, the first time a bride and groom see one another is at the alter. Afterwards there is photo taking, cocktail hour, then the reception so if you really think about it, there isn't much interaction with couples until after the wedding is over. Personally, I don't think that should happen at all but that's just me. The next piece of advice can help fix this issue a little.. 👇🏼

First looks

If you are one that isn't afraid to shy away from tradition, then "First Looks" are for you! A first look is a chance for the bride and groom to see one another before the ceremony and have their own little private, intimate moment to take everything in without any interruptions. This is very beneficial as it makes up for the time you probably won't get with one another throughout the day. Not only is a first look a beautiful moment for the bride and groom but it is also a way to knock out those couple & family portraits before the ceremony, leaving more time to mingle with guests at cocktail hour and during the reception. Yay!!

Pay close attention to contracts

Contracts are meant to protect both the vendor and client of anything involving services for a wedding. Wedding couples, when you meet and book with your vendors, make sure you go over your contracts with them and that you understand each term and condition outlined. There is nothing worse than signing something and not actually knowing what it is you have signed. SUPER IMPORTANT!!

The Shot list

A professional wedding photographer typically knows everything that a wedding involves when it comes to your photographs. Unless the photographer asks for one, there is really no need to supply one. My advice is speak with your photographer and ask them what their opinions are when it comes to a shot list. Most likely, the only list they will require from you will be a list of names for family portraits but communication is key!

Bring comfortable shoes

Ladies, I'm talking to you! If you plan on wearing heels during your wedding, always bring an extra pair of comfy shoes to wear post ceremony and at the reception especially if you're not use to wearing heels. The last thing you want is for your feet to be hurting. It will only leave you feeling miserable and in pain. OUCH!

Watch your alcohol intake before your ceremony

A thing I see all the time is that some brides and grooms will get wasted before the wedding has even started and that could lead to ruined things during your wedding day. What do I mean by that? Well, being drunk before your ceremony could lead to things such as illness and being prone to accidents. I'm not telling you not to consume alcohol before your wedding. You are an adult and free to make your own choices. As a professional though, I'm just advising you to watch your intake. I've seen many mistakes happen and go terribly wrong. Be on the safe side and save the heavy drinking for your reception.. if you can. LoL

Eat something and stay hydrated

This is huge and necessary! Trust me, you don't want to be known as the person who fainted at the altar or got sick because of an empty stomach or dehydration. Making sure you are nourished and hydrated before your wedding is essential to keeping you healthy and happy until dinner is served at your reception. Whether you choose to eat breakfast, brunch, or lunch, make sure to keep your body happy with food and water! You will thank me later!

Loud Speakers

For those of us who like to party, telling the DJ to pump up the volume probably seems fit but take a moment to think about your guests and where they will be seated during your reception. Speakers are big and loud and the last thing you want is to make someone deaf. Be mindful of where your DJ/Band will be set up and where you seat your guests.

First kiss

DON'T BE AFRAID TO KISS YOUR PARTNER AT THE ALTAR, GUYS! There is no shame in a good first kiss as husband and wife! Kiss each other like you mean it. Don't be embarrassed or shy, your guests came to witness this union so of course they are expecting a kiss from you. I'm not telling you to go full on makeout session but this is the seal of the deal! Make it count!

Also make sure you hold it out for a couple of seconds so your photographer can get some good shots!

Let's Chat, y'all!

Let's get to talking about you, get to know one another, and discuss the details surrounding your wedding day! Click on the button below to contact me about your wedding!

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